Configurator for steel tanks

Acting from design to assembly, we know how important the first steps are, i.e. selection of a tank, its concept and cost estimation. In order to meet these activities, we have created a tool that will make this process easier.

Choose a tank for yourself! 

A dedicated configurator for the selection of steel tanks allows you to easily create a general design of a tank. You need only to choose required capacity to display several models in different dimensions. After clicking on the selected model, an information will appear with the main parameters (capacity, diameter, height), as well as the possibility to download the general design of the tank structure.

Download a tank structure design!

The SD Tank Configurator is a great help for designers, because they can prepare a ready-made design of a tank structure for investors without a need to contact the company and to wait for drawings. A design generated by our software is in most cases sufficient in a process of applying for a building permit (ref. Polish law).

We are in a process of adding files to download.

Use the SD Tank Configurator!