Plastic (GRP) tanks

Our offer includes GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) tanks. These are ground-based, modular and rectangular tanks made of reinforced glass fiber sheets and thermosetting, compression molded SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) material. It is an ideal material for producing large structural elements due to its high strength-to-weight ratio.

Due to the same thermal expansion coefficient as steel and excellent corrosion resistance, SMC is an ideal alternative to steel and can be used at the same changing temperatures. The main advantage of GRP tanks, however, is the typical weight reduction of 25% with similar strength to steel. Additionally, they are distinguished by good insulating properties, smooth internal surface and easy installation and repair in case of damage.

GRP plastic tanks are ecological solutions with a wide range of sizes and capacities, which allow for optimal use of limited space and storage of large amounts of liquid media. GRP material is resistant to corrosion, bacterial growth and the effects of unfavorable weather conditions leading to its erosion. They characterizes by high mechanical strength and no operating costs. GRP tanks more often replace tanks made of stainless, acid-resistant steel and coated with anti-corrosive coatings.

The tightness is ensured by a special tape, dedicated to use in GRP plastic tanks, maintaining softness and viscosity even at low temperatures. GRP tanks are available without insulation or with thermal insulation made of polyurethane foam.

The maximum height of GRP tanks is 5 meters, while the arrangement in the free space is fully flexible. The required capacity and an area the tank will cover determine individual dimensions selection.

Examples of GRP tanks dimensions 

DIMENSION = L x (W1 + W2) x H 

L — Length
W — Width
H — Height

Dimensions Capacities
5 x 5 x 2mH 50 m3
5 x 5 x 4mH 100 m3
5 x 10 x 3mH 150 m3
10 x 10 x 2mH 200 m3
5 x 25 x 2mH 250 m3
10 x 10 x 3mH 300 m3

Possibility of any configuration

GRP tanks adapt to the space horizontally or vertically due to various dimensions of the panels.  This feature is ideal for designing water tanks with large capacities inside rooms. It is possible to separate several chambers for storing a medium of various applications.

This type of technology is innovative, not offered on the Polish market so far. Our company is the first to offer our clients the opportunity to design and build GRP plastic tanks, which are a great alternative to classic solutions and can be used to store drinking water, technological water, rainwater and fire water.

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