SD Tank Sp. z o.o. specializes in producing and assembling water storage tanks and pumping station buildings.

Our mission

SD Tank mission is to support clients in the investment implementation by means of the company's potential, focused on development and mutual fulfillment. Customer satisfaction at all stages of cooperation is the future of our company.

Design and build with SD Tank

We specializes in designing and assembling liquid media storage tanks and pumping station buildings. We respond to the needs of our clients professionally, by employing qualified staff with several years of experience in the industry. We focus on comprehensive implementations in the "design and build" formula, which allows quick and efficient implementation of the construction investment.

We are responsible for designing and execution processes. Thus, the contracting authority does not have to plan all the details, obtain construction permits and monitor implementation progress. We treat each investment as our business card.

What we offer?

Our products include various types of water storage tanks and pumping stations.

We design and comprehensively manufacture tanks tailored to the customer's needs. Medium storage tanks are the basic source of water used, among others in fire extinguishing installations and fire protection networks. In turn, the shortages in the water supply networks during the period of increased water abstraction replenish the drinking water tanks, which can store both raw and treated water. They allows you to react effectively in the event of a water supply or water treatment plant failure.

Our tanks are also used as a water deposit in food and production industries as well as in construction, agriculture and horticulture. We offer products tailored to the needs, taking into account the specifics of a particular industry. We advise on the selection of the best solution, both in terms of cubature and dimensions of a tank, as well as individual technology.

The products we offer meet the necessary technical requirements. In case of drinking water tanks, they are designed to store food liquids safely. We provide proven solutions that meet individual needs. We take care of the company's development and maintaining the highest possible level of services, consistently implementing subsequent ISO standards and improving customer service level.

The leading product of our portfolio are steel fire tanks. The construction of steel fire tank is made of the highest quality materials, in accordance with fire safety standards as well as quality and safety standards. We comply with the following standards: EUROCODE, PN-EN 12845, VdS CEA 4001, NFPA 22, FM 4020 and PN-B (including PN-B-02857: 2017-04).

We also offer innovative solutions such as modular, above-ground GRP tanks. It is an ecological solution and the material itself is resistant to corrosion and bacterial growth. Glass Reinforced Plastic is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional fire protection tanks, as well as drinking, retention or technological water tanks. Flexibility in the design of GRP tanks allows for maximum use of space. Installation of plastic tanks is often carried out where free space needs to be saved.

We meet challenges wherever difficult ground conditions prevail and the project assumes the construction of an underground reinforced concrete tank. Reinforced concrete tanks are mainly used in construction, agriculture and industry. Concrete tanks are distinguished by high durability, resistance to mechanical damage and free choice of dimensions. Strength of reinforced concrete tanks allows them to be placed in difficult water and ground conditions. Technology of using prefabricated elements eases quick assembly of a structure.

How we work?

Our philosophy is based on the correct identification of the client's needs. If you need a personalized design of a fire water tank, potable water tank, technological water tank, rainwater tank or fire pumping station, we will make it for you in accordance with quality standards and using appropriate materials and security. We work comprehensively, which is why we carry out all stages of work - from earthworks to the final assembly and start-up of a tank.

Additionally, we offer service and supervision over the production of steel fire tanks, GRP tanks, reinforced concrete tanks and others. We also design buildings and equipment for fire pumping stations, taking into account necessary installations and safety aspects.

3D design
We stand out from competitors by using modern software, including designing in 3D technology. Our designers develop multi-discipline drawings of tanks and pumping stations together with designs of foundation plates and external installations, based on your guidelines. It takes only a few days!

What makes us stand out?

investment service

Full coordination of design and construction works, minimizes a risk of communication misapprehension and helps to rationalize costs at all stages of work.


We employ experienced construction workers, management staff (site managers), authorized to conduct and supervise construction works.

and reliability

An implemented quality management system and high-quality materials which we use, guarantee long-term, trouble-free work of facilities.

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przegląd serwisowy

We offer a long-term warranty of tanks, up to 15 years.