Pumping station buildings

We design and build pumping stations in steel or brick technology with necessary equipment. We use solutions that combine wide functionality, security and optimization of investment costs. Dimensions of facilities are adjusted to dimensions of installed devices so as to combine functionality with convenience of using infrastructure.

Our pumping station buildings are adapted to each series of automatic pumping stations for firefighting as well as social and living purposes. We are able to design and manufacture a building in terms of both construction and installation.

Fire-fighting pumping stations

Fire-fighting pumping stations are specially designed rooms in which pumps and other devices are installed to supply the extinguishing systems in water. These are mainly pumping stations supplying foam fire extinguishing systems, external and internal hydrants or sprinkler systems. Fire-fighting pumping stations should provide fire resistance for a minimum of 60 minutes.

Depending on the adopted constructional and architectural assumptions, the pumping station may be a completely separate building. The room may also be combined with the protected building, with an access from the outside. Sometimes it is also a room separated on the architectural plan.

We specialize in designing and constructing pumping stations ensuring high efficiency of firefighting equipment. Our installations are built taking into account the applicable legal regulations, design standards and requirements set by insurance companies. We also guarantee a flexible approach to customer needs and taking into account individual requirements regarding cubature and technological assumptions.

The individual structural elements of pumping station buildings meet specific architectural requirements. This applies to both foundation and load-bearing walls, roof and floor, channels for technological installations and gravity ventilation.

The structural walls of a pumping station are most often made of blocks of durable cellular concrete (aerated concrete) or solid ceramic bricks. The supporting structure of a roof is made of steel lattice trusses and purlins attached to them, covered with mineral wool insulation and corrugated sheet.

We also assemble fire-fighting pumping stations in a form of a light steel structure (container), sized to the customer's needs. The prefabricated steel casing is made of sandwich panels. This type of a fire pumping station is a self-supporting structure that just needs to be built and equipped with an installation.

Comprehensive equipment of a pumping station with installations

We make sure that pumping station buildings are equipped with electrical, telecommunication, technical security and protection as well as earthing installations. An electrical installation includes lighting (general, spot and emergency), power and control, overvoltage protection, lightning protection and electric shock protection. In a concrete pumping station buildings, all electrical installations are made on the surface, with the cables leading in the cable strips with wall partitions. It is required to maintain a higher class of protection against moisture and dust (IP43). Pumping station buildings can be equipped with a GSM modem, which informs supervising persons about emergency situations.

Pumping stations may be equipped in an access control system. We recommend to use electromagnetic locks, electric strikes and door closers, so that only authorized persons have access to these rooms. If a pumping station is a separate building, the entry front door reader can be protected against harmful external factors (rain, snow, frost).

We design pumping stations from scratch and advise the best solutions tailored to the specifics of the business. We deal with both architectural assumptions and equipping the building with the necessary installation taking into account an operation of a fire protection infrastructure.

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