We have a professional prefabrication plant equipped with machines adapted to ensure continuity of production. In this place we prepare individual elements of tanks and pumping stations, which will then be used for the assembly of steel structures. The production process includes laser cutting technology with the use of fiber optic cutters, bending on press brakes, grinding and welding. Production in the plant is carried out by an experienced team of specialists who have the appropriate qualifications and many years of experience in the processing of steel structure elements.


In order to maintain the highest quality of our services, we store prefabricated elements in our own warehouse. The room is properly insulated and heated so as not to deteriorate the quality of the stored materials and to protect them against adverse weather conditions.

We take care to maintain a constant stock of materials that are intended for actions taken as a result of received service requests that require immediate action.

The materials used in the production process come only from reliable suppliers. We guarantee the highest quality of the raw material that meets the technological standards required for the construction of steel tanks.