Underground reinforced concrete tanks

Robust underground tanks are used to store various types of liquid media: clean water, dirty water, fire water, brine and other substances. They are designed and made of reinforced concrete, prefabricated or monolithic elements poured on site. As part of the investment, we conduct comprehensive earthworks and drainage works.

Reinforced concrete tanks - application in fire protection

Fire tanks are made of monolithic elements (upper and lower and middle sections), which allow for easy adjustment of its volume and height to the customer's needs. The modular structure of the tank makes it possible to quickly and efficiently adapt the structure to the design requirements. The use of dedicated gaskets, filling masses and anchoring elements translates into high tightness of the reinforced concrete container and durability of the connections of individual sections. At the customer's request, we can equip the fire water tank with:

  • a pipe with a suction connection,
  • float valve,
  • ventilation pipe,
  • a ladder made of coated steps,
  • storz suction hose coupling.

All metal elements of the tank equipment are protected against corrosion.

Reinforced concrete tanks - application in industry

Underground tanks made of durable reinforced concrete are also widely used in industry. They are used for storing water for fire protection, drinking water and rainwater. They can also be used to rinse food, cool running machines or wash raw materials in production processes. In the assembly process, we use only the highest quality materials, ensuring the tightness of the tanks and safety in use.

Industrial tanks are perfect to store liquid substances in industrial plants. We use durable materials, resistant to chemicals and mechanical damage, which do not react with stored content.

Construction of a monolithic reservoir

A prefabricated element made of concrete or reinforced concrete is the basis of a monolithic tank. We pour it entirely with the bottom, which ensures maximum tightness and durability. At the customer's request, we protect internal walls of the base with protective coatings. Most often these are layers based on epoxy resins, polyurea coatings or concrete slabs reinforced with synthetic polypropylene fibers or polyethylene, which guarantee long and trouble-free use.

Rings of monolithic tanks are prefabricated elements, made of concrete or reinforced concrete, used for construction of a working chamber and a manhole chimney. Individual coils are connected to the base with elastomer gaskets, assembly mortar or resin glue. At a customer's request, we can equip coils with holders and manhole steps. An inner walls of the vertebrae can also be covered with a protective layer.

We may cover underground tanks with cover plates which are used to cover tanks with a manhole. All elements are most often joined with assembly mortar or elastomeric gaskets.

These tanks are also equipped with other elements, such as reduction plates, weighting and equalizing rings, and other elements tailored to the specificity of the order.

What distinguishes underground reinforced concrete tanks?

Reinforced concrete is the most commonly used material for constructing underground tanks. It is characterized by high durability and possibility of using in difficult water and soil conditions. Material is distinguished by high corrosion resistance (with use of appropriate concrete classes), easy protection with protective coatings. These structures may have various sizes and shapes. Using prefabricated elements can also significantly accelerate implementation of an investment process.
We design and manufacture underground tanks tailored to the client's needs. We carry out all works comprehensively, including necessary earthworks and assembly.

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