Conceptual designs

We prepare a multi-discipline conceptual design of a tank that is cheap to operate, easy to install and provides full functionality tailored to your needs. We present an analysis of land development, location of a tank and a pumping station building on a building plot. We verify the compliance of a project with a local land development plan or building conditions.

We supplement the design drawings with 3D visualizations. Imaging individual details of tanks and the method of their assembly in 3D technology presents the design solutions used by SD Tank in a clearer way, minimizing risk of communication misunderstanding.

Construction projects

We prepare a multi-discipline construction design of tanks and pumping station buildings together with a foundation design, external installations and land development design. We obtain a building permit and other documents, decisions and arrangements necessary to carry out an administrative procedure.

Executive projects

We prepare a multi-discipline executive design of tanks based on prepared or received construction designs. These projects contain basis details for an investment. The documentation contains technical details and guidelines for the material solutions used.

Construction expertise

We carry out an expert opinion on the technical condition of existing tanks and pumping stations, assessing quality of works performed and compliance of building materials used. We assess technical condition of facilities. We issue an opinion containing conclusions and recommendations for actions to be taken in the future.

Thanks to a properly prepared construction expertise, you are able to plan repairs and complete modernization of your tanks. At the same time, construction expertise facilitate maintenance of a tank in a proper technical condition, reducing costs of its subsequent operation.

Checking calculations

We perform calculations to check strength of a tank structure on the basis of dimensioning calculation models reflecting an actual work pattern of a tank structure. We take into account all the conditions that may occur during a construction and use of a structure, i.e. environmental conditions, composition and properties of building materials, soil properties, quality of construction.

Thanks to properly prepared checking calculations, you may be sure of stability and tank structure durability.

Fig. Sample models of calculating strength of a tank structure