Steel, cylindrical, bolted tanks

Our offer includes steel above ground tanks for storing liquid media. Cylindrical tanks, depending on their purpose, are bolted from steel, hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel sheets. The walls of the tanks can be covered with trapezoidal sheets in any RAL color.

We offer drinking water tanks, fire and industrial tanks in a steel technology. Depending on the needs and the type of stored substance, we can install an open or closed steel tank. The design of the tanks allows them to be installed both inside and outside the building. Thanks to this, it is possible to design the fire protection installation at strategic points with an increased level of risk.

The steel tanks we offer can be dimensionally adjusted to the customer's needs. Compared to the solutions offered by the competition, we offer steel tanks with larger capacities. We present the customer technical drawings with 3D visualizations so that he can assess every detail of the project and make any corrections. We also design non-standard tanks, tailored to individual expectations and spatial conditions. We offer comprehensive cooperation in the "design and build" model. We will undertake all stages - from the design of the installation to its implementation. Our team has many years of experience in delivering steel tanks on request. We implement each investment efficiently and quickly.

Protection of steel tanks

Steel tanks are protected against corrosion and in case of structures designed to contain aggressive materials, they are also completely resistant to chemicals with a wide pH spectrum. The use of high-quality components and protective coatings means that our tanks can be installed in all water and ground conditions. Drinking water tanks are made from specially selected materials with certificates and approvals of the National Institute of Hygiene.

We make sure that the steel tanks are properly anchored before they are ready to use. For this purpose, the stabilizing elements are connected directly to the shell of the tank as well as the reinforcement and rim rings to compensate for the effects of low and high temperature, hydrostatic pressure changes, strong gusts of wind and vibrations resulting from mechanical impacts.

Fire protection water storage tanks

Fire tanks are a source of water for fire protection networks and installations – including but not limited to hydrant or sprinkler installations in buildings. They are an element of fire protection. Steel ground fire water tanks can also be used by fire brigades as water intake points.

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Potable water storage tanks

Potable water tanks are used as sources of water supply in installations and water networks. These tanks are designed for storing water in hygienic conditions.

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Process water storage tanks

Above-ground steel process tanks are made of twisted sheets of galvanized corrugated steel. We design and manufacture roofed and open tanks that can be used to irrigate fields and crops or to store large volumes of process water.

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